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Alternative Listing Options

We are offering 2 options for unique home seller situations.

Paperwork Only:
This option is perfect for sales where the homeowner has already secured a buyer and negotiated the terms of the sale. We can step in and draw up the purchase contract and provide disclosures with instructions. The whole transaction can happen electronically for those that are not able to sign in person. We will work with the escrow company, lender and a transaction coordinator to ensure a smooth transaction through close. Agent/Broker must visit the property at least one time to perform a visual inspection. Restrictions apply. Not all locations or properties qualify. California Only. Brokerage has the right to refuse a property. Fees can be split between buyer and seller.
$2500 cash sales
$3500 financed sales
$800 due upfront and non-refundable. Balance due at closing.

Additional Fees:
Inspections scheduling and report handling, includes request for repair paperwork if necessary.
Flat fee of $300 for up to 4 inspections.
Flat fee of $400 for up to 6 inspections.
$50/ additional inspection.
Due before services are rendered.

Limited Service Listing Agreement:
This option is perfect for an experienced home seller that prefers to handle the bulk of the work on their own. Our services are completed and paid up front and if you find your own buyer, you may combine with the Paperwork Only service. We will take your listing pictures, enter to at least 1 local MLS (multiple listing service), install a sign and flyer box with 25 color flyers (will mail you more for no charge at your request), install a digital lockbox, provide a digital flyer, provide the complete disclosure package with instruction, provide social media marketing for up to 45 days after list, listing will be sent to Zillow, and more. We will review and ensure that all your paperwork is filled out correctly and completely and will create any necessary addendums or counter offers at your request. If an agent brings a buyer through the MLS service, 2% of the sales price will be due to the selling brokerage at closing. Six month listing with option to extend. Agent/Broker must visit the property at least one time to perform a visual inspection. Restrictions apply. Not all locations or properties qualify. California only. Brokerage has the right to refuse a property.
Starting at $1000 due upfront and non-refundable.
Plus travel costs depending on location.
2% due at closing to buyer agent’s brokerage

Seller is responsible to arrange showing appointments, negotiate contracts and counter offers, schedule inspections, work directly with the buyer’s agent, work with the escrow company and the lender to ensure closing. All listing fees are paid up front. No other listing fees will apply unless you include add-ons. All fees due before services are rendered. Buyer agent commission to be paid at closing.

Limited Service Listing Fee Schedule:
Listing Fee (includes all described above)
Listing price up to $500,000 = $1000
Listing price up to $1,000,000 = $1500
Listing price up to $1,500,000 = $2000
Listing price up to $2,000,000 = $2500
Listing price up to $3,000,000 = $3500
Listing price up to $4,000,000 = $4500
Listing price over $4,000,000 = $5000
Travel time fee
within Shasta County or Siskiyou County = $0
outside of Siskiyou or Shasta County is $1.00/mile starting at the county line.
Property walk-through video add on
will be quoted depending property info and stats
Additional MLS
We are a member of four California MLS’s. If you feel your property needs to be represented on more than one MLS, the add on fee is $100/mls
Extended Social Media Marketing
If your property does not sell in 45 days and you would like to continue social media advertising for another 45 days, the add on fee is $150
Listing Extension
Your listing will be listed for 180 days on each MLS that you choose. If your listing does not sell and you would like to continue your listing, an add on fee of $100/mls will be charged.

Agreed upon fees will be charged prior to services being rendered. Fees will be charged and must be paid through an online portal. If paying by check, it must be a cashiers check. Payment can be made by credit card.

Not all Grenvik Group agents are participating. Property must lie within one of our MLS service areas. Properties that lie outside of our MLS service areas may be accepted on a case by case determination, with the seller understanding that the listing will not be available to those agents in that service area via their MLS and will be listed in the nearest MLS. At our discretion we may deny a property because we are unable to travel to the property safely. If a property type is outside of our area of expertise, we may be unable to service the listing properly and will decline the listing. We aim to help as many sellers that need our assistance, however, there are limitations. We must be able to determine legal owner of property and all legal owners must be available to sign documents unless a POA is in place and POA paperwork is submitted to our company. Property must not be listed with any other company. We cannot discuss your listing while you are listed with another company. If your property has been recently listed with another company we may ask to review your previous listing agreement or cancellation agreement to ensure that you will not incur unforeseen charges by previous listing company. We can only accomodate 5 new Limited Service Listings per month, you may be put on a waiting list if our monthly quota is already met.

Regular Full Service Listing Fees:
We charge a 6% commission on residential properties and 10% on land or commercial. This fee is split with the brokerage that brings the buyer. We do not charge unless your property sells and your fee is paid at the time of closing, out of seller proceeds. Regular full service listings provide all services at no charge until home sells. Commissions are negotiable.

All property is listed and sold in compliance with federal, state and local anti-discrimination laws.

Call 530-918-4950 for more information.